Reitzel has extensive experience in product ranges dedicated to the food service sector. Reitzel offers a range of solutions for food service professionals, responding to their requirements in terms of convenience and choice.


Food service professionals have specific requirements that are different to those of the mainstream consumer. Attentive to their needs, Reitzel has developed a range of carefully curated products, covering a huge selection of recipes that are incredibly easy to incorporate into a variety of meals.

The continuous search for innovative solutions for catering professionals has also allowed Reitzel to establish itself as a must-have brand in the food service sector.


Packaging design is key: it should be hygienic to use, easy to store and to open, it should give the consumer optimal portion control, and it should guarantee exceptional quality of the product until it’s completely empty.



Polydoy is a large plastic sachet used to package pickled gherkins. Whilst ensuring optimal preservation, it is lightweight and easy to open. Its multilayer construction is extremely resistant, and with very little empty space inside the sachet, consumers are able to significantly reduce their waste.

The Easy Bag

Launched in 2015 to package our ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, the Easy Bags are designed to make it easier to distribute and preserve dipping sauces served from dispensers. The Easy Bag also reduces waste and is an easy-to-use yet hygienic self-service solution for consumers. A new and innovative product, created exclusively by Hugo Reitzel!



  • In France: Metro, Sysco, and more...
  • In Switzerland: Transgroumet, Saviva, Pistor and more...
  • International: Mcdonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and more...

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