Very Important Actions

A family with a taste for pickles since 1909?
That’s us, Reitzel!

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It takes courage to make the ecological and ethical transition of the pickle a success! So what’s our recipe for progress?

VIA our ability to be bold and think differently,
VIA the creation of the world’s first Fairtrade pickle chains,
VIA the revival of local gherkin production in France & Switzerland,
VIA our commitment to agro-ecological methods that give back to the land what is taken from it,
VIA the establishment of a circular economy for pickles to make sure that nothing is wasted,
VIA respect and benevolence towards our agricultural partners.

We’re set to become the pioneers of Fairtrade pickles!
Join the adventure. VIA Reitzel – Very Important Actions


2030 Vision
To be the benchmark for the tastiest and most sustainable pickle

Together, we can lead the ecological and ethical transition of the pickle for the respect of nature and people

Values «United Courage»
Daring thinking and acting differently - develop team spirit - Respecting yourself, others and nature