Interview with Sylviane Jacquier, Human Resources Manager at Reitzel Switzerland

Discover Sylviane Jacquier's testimonial as a Human Resources Manager at Reitzel Switzerland


Implementing an employee engagement program is one of the key objectives of our HR teams in France, India and Switzerland. It is synonymous with the smooth running of the company and goes hand in hand with improving working conditions.

As Sylviane Jaquier, Human Resources Manager at Reitzel Switzerland, explains:

"Employee commitment is essential if employees are to feel motivated, involved and happy in their work. Fostering employee commitment has become a central theme for our HR team. This notion must be fully integrated into the employee experience. Its aim is to make employees feel as positive as possible about their day-to-day life at the company. And of course, this experience must be enhanced throughout the employee's career, from recruitment to onboarding, progression and departure."

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